When I think of the engineering class of 2018 I think of GRIT. Throughout this project we were pushed to our physical and mental limits, and with each seemly impossible obstacles, we never allowed it to stop us in our tracks. We’ve put our blood,sweat, and tears into this project. We capitalized off of our strengths […]

As you may have heard from all the blog posts done before mine, this DAP was a HUGE success and an unforgettable project. I am so proud of my engineer class and out of all the stress, being irritated with leveling, working long hours gaining weigh from eating pizza on Friday nights created the strongest […]

The DAP Engineering project was an unforgettable project that will stick with me for a long time for many reasons. Although the project itself is finished, and our engineering class only has two years left together (sadly), we will forever have a strong and unforgettable bond as a class. The project in a summary was […]

After all the hard work, late work nights, stress, and fun our courtyard is finally complete. Although this project was very stressful I think we can all agree that it was a journey worth taking. We bonded as a family, shared in the fun, and now we can all enjoy our hard work everyday. Although […]

Speaking for myself and for my peers, the DAP project was one heck of a journey that was well worth all the stress it caused and long hours we spent working. As we all know, engineering has always had the smallest group of all the pathways at our school. When given the choice at the […]