Hello fellow readers! Welcome back Esperanza here. I will be talking to y’all about what me and my partner Kelsey have been working on this week and what our plans are to accomplish this week’s goals. So far this week my plan is to be done with my google sketch up by friday and to […]


Hi fellow engineers! Ryanna here to tell you all how this year’s project is going. Ava and I are working on finishing up our sketchup right now. It’s amazing how creative your ideas are when you get to collaborate. One thing we both wanted was a way to project onto the side of the school, […]


Building isn’t just for the Sophomore Engineers. Makers Studio is a semester long course where you learn to “make”.  So far in Makers Studio I’ve learned to cross stitch, book bind, make mechanical toys using fisher techniques, and create garden letters.  Starting last week me and the other three students in my class (Ryanna, Kelsey, and Carmen) […]


Hello readers! My name is Claire and I am an engineering student working on building a junior and senior courtyard at our school, along with my 16 person engineering class (Principles of Engineering). Two years ago the sophomores, now seniors, renovated an Airstream trailer that was supposed to be used as a teacher’s lounge. Sadly, […]


Hello all!  Annika here.  Welcome back to the Project Ventura blog! By this point in time my classmates and I have dived head-first into this project, and boy, I can say I am loving the water!  I am so excited to see where we take this courtyard—I have been talking to my classmates and they […]

Airstream Space

Project Ventura readers- Hi! For those of you reading, it’s nice to meet you all. This is Dana, and I’m excited to show and talk to you all about this project we’re starting! This past week our class started out with brainstorming, and so far it’s going pretty smoothly! My partner Claire and I have been […]


My 14 fellow POE students and I are super pumped about this years Cornerstone project and we cannot wait to get started building it. But before that we first have to go through the brainstorming, planning, cost analyzing and voting in order to end up creating the best design in the end. As our mastermind […]


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